Obama’s Medicare “Plan” in One Chart

Amidst various claims by liberals that President Obama has a Medicare reform plan, it’s worth re-sending a chart first released at the time of this year’s Medicare trustees reportUnder President Obama’s Medicare “reform” plan, Part A of Medicare would stop running deficits…NEVER.  Here’s a graphical representation of the tide of red ink – based on figures in a report three of the Administration’s own Cabinet secretaries signed:

It’s also worth noting that the chart above is actually an under-estimate of Medicare’s financial woes – because it double-counts $716 billion in Medicare reductions that in reality were raided to fund Obamacare’s new entitlements.  The non-partisan CBO said that the Medicare reductions in Obamacare “will not enhance the ability of the government to pay for future Medicare benefits” – because those savings will be used to fund other unsustainable entitlements.

Liberals may claim all they like that President Obama has a Medicare plan.  But the numbers in an official government report don’t lie – his real plan will cause the bankruptcy of Medicare, and the country as a whole.