Democrats Continue Their Backroom Deals…

In case you hadn’t seen it, multiple e-mails have been circulating about a closed-door meeting with physician groups, White House officials, and the Democrat majority in the Speaker’s office later this afternoon.  For a White House that promised “an unmatched level of transparency, participation, and accountability,” this White House really seems to love its closed-door sessions.

The bigger question is, what will happen at this meeting:

  • Will Democrats abandon all hope of paying for any adjustments made to the SGR and instead resort to increasing the deficit by a whopping $371 billion, as the Administration proposed in its budget?
  • Will Democrats cut another “rock-solid deal” with the physician community, as they did with their friends at “Big Pharma” last year?
  • Will C-SPAN cameras be allowed in the room, as the President repeatedly promised?  On second thought, given that the meeting will be held in the Speaker’s office, maybe they won’t.


From: Primus, Wendell
Sent: Wednesday, May 19, 2010 12:15 PM
Subject: SGR Update Meeting Today @ 5pm

We would like to meet with you tonight at 5pm to give an update on SGR. The meeting will take place in the Speaker’s office room H-236, U.S. Capitol. Thank you, and see you this afternoon.